Parent Tips
Review some tips below on how to help keep the whole family safe around the water.

Parent Tips

Florida offers an abundance of water activities from pools to lakes to the ocean! Here are some things you can do to help keep everyone safe and having fun:

Children ages 1-4 are the most vulnerable around water.

This can be any type of water such as swimming pools, hot tubs, oceans, and lakes— even bathtubs. Even if you aren’t planning to go swimming, water can be hard to resist for little ones. Having barriers in place, checking that gates are closed at all times and having a designated adult present, are all key to keeping everyone safe. Also, remember to keep interior doors locked so children cannot wander outside.

Don’t get distracted!

Children need your undivided attention when they are in or near the water. Never assume someone else is watching. In fact, make a plan to have a visible symbol such as a badge or lanyard on the designated responsible person.

In Florida, we celebrate water safely.

Whether you are on vacation or call Florida home, always supervise children when they are around water or other potential hazards.