Here are a few helpful hints to make your vacation and visit to the Disney Theme Parks a safe and magical experience.


Can Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort restaurants accommodate special dietary requests?

Special dietary requests–including food allergies, food intolerances, kosher meals and medically restricted diets–can often be accommodated at most table-service restaurants and select quick-service locations.

If you make a restaurant reservation online, please be sure to let us know if you have any food allergies or special requests.

Learn more about Special Dietary Requests at disneyworld.com, disneyland.com.

Are First Aid locations available in the theme parks and water parks?

If you begin to feel ill or find that you require medical assistance, please visit one of our conveniently located First Aid centers.

Nurses are available during normal park operating hours to offer over-the-counter medications, bandages and other quick remedies so that you can begin enjoying your vacation again.

First Aid centers can also store medications which require refrigeration. For your safety, special containers can be provided for disposal of hypodermic needles.

How can I learn more about attraction restrictions such as height requirements?

Consult the signs posted at our attractions–which includes height requirements, health and safety advisories, and accessibility guidelines. Restrictions and advisories are also listed on individual attraction pages at disneyworld.com and disneyland.com.

Can I bring EpiPens, antihistamines and asthma medications into the parks?

Yes. You can bring EpiPens, antihistamines and asthma medications into Disney Theme Parks and Water Parks. Please inform the security Cast Member who checks your bags that you or someone in your party has an allergy and you require medically necessary items.

How can I learn more about accommodations and services for guests with disabilities?

To learn more about accommodations and services for guests with disabilities please visit disneyworld.com or disneyland.com for more information.

Can I bring my own personal flotation device/life jackets for use at water parks and pools?

Yes.  As long as they are US Coast Guard / UL approved flotation devices. They are also complimentary and available upon request at the resort pools and water parks.

Are the resort rooms childproof or do I need to bring my own outlet safety caps?

Most of the plugs are used for lights but you might possibly find one or two not in use that you will want to plug with the safety caps.

What are some tips for enjoying the parks in the summer months?

Hydration is an important part of enjoying your stay during the warmer summer months. Hydrate before you start your day by enjoying 16 ounces of water two hours before starting any activity. Continue to hydrate throughout the day by sipping 4-6 ounces of water every 15 to 20 minutes.

Seek shade and indoor locations throughout your day and take advantage of night time activities. For weather information visit weatherbug.com.

What are some ways to “watch over our herd” while visiting the parks?

It is always a great idea to make plans on where to meet should any members of your family or party become separated. Show younger children how to identify a Disney Cast Member by their nametag so they can approach them for assistance.

Will I encounter any bugs or wildlife during my visit?

Yes. You may want to bring insect repellant during the warmer months. Most importantly please do not feed the birds or other animals. As Timon and Pumbaa would say your yummies are not good for their tummies.